Our solution involves a paradigm-shifting approach to solving the problem of complying with existing and future regulation of the financial industry. By blending a patented algorithm with voice data processing your audio records will be categorized to ensure complete compliance. The information will be available at your fingertips for queries or reporting on demand, compliant with Dodd-Frank and MiFIDII.

Our team consists of seasoned Wall Street technologists, with proven track records of trading floor technical innovation achieving business goals. Our solution is powered by software created by a team of top-notch software developers.

These unique algorithms lay at the core of Voitrax. All these pieces together with our specialized accelerator solution allow us to completely solve this regulatory quagmire.

Our staff is comprised of seasoned professionals, with stellar industry credentials and expertise. Among them are senior compliance and risk executives from several Wall Street firms and as well as highly experienced technology professionals. Our team has designed and implemented cutting edge technological solutions that have helped clients achieve compliance without worry or hassle.